Zippy’s McCully

  • October 1966

Today’s Specials

Roast Turkey
Mochiko Chicken
Shrimp Katsu Curry
Beef Stroganoff
Shoyu Pork
Turkey Noodle Soup
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*Fast Food:

Open 24 Hours


Open 24 Hours

Zippy’s McCully

Zippy’s McCully is where the restaurant chain started on October 17, 1966. The first of many locations, Zippy’s McCully offers a fast food counter, a dining room and freshly baked goods from Napoleon’s Bakery®. The quintessential Zippy’s, it also has been said that President Obama frequented this location when growing up in Hawaii.

If there is one thing you must try at any Zippy’s Restaurant, it’s our Original Recipe Chili. Served since 1966, it’s our signature product! Over 110 tons of our chili is sold every month through our locations, through fund-raising activities, and in retail markets in Hawaii and beyond.

Other favorites include our popular golden fried chicken, our famous Zip Pac®, oxtail soup, saimin, and many more. And since most of these items are available 24 hours at most of our locations, any time is a good time to enjoy Hawaii’s favorite foods!

  • Address: 1725 S King St Honolulu, HI 96826
  • Phone:(808) 973-0877

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