Pupu Platters

Having a gathering with family and friends? Pick up Zippy’s Pupu Platters for the party!

There’s four pupu platters to choose from, including our popular “Local Favorites” Platter, which includes Chicken Katsu, Teriyaki Beef, Hoki, Hot Dog & Portuguese Sausage. There’s a Chicken Katsu platter, Korean Fried Chicken Platter, and a pupu platter full of Fried Noodles!

Don’t forget you can also order a barrel of Zippy’s famous chili as well as our Golden Crispy Chicken in bucket & barrel sizes as well!

There’s enough of Hawaii’s favorites when you make your next stop, Zippy’s!

Please order your pupu platters from your nearest Zippy’s location at least one hour in advance.

Local Favorites $30.75*

Teriyaki Beef, Hoki, Chicken Katsu, Hot Dog, Portuguese Sausage.

Chicken Katsu $28.95*

Korean Chicken $33.50*

Fried Noodles $26.25*

Spam Musubi Platter $19.75*

*Price may vary at locations.