Zippy’s Nimitz

  • January 1980

Today’s Specials

Lau Lau Combo
Lau Lau Plate
Kalua Pig
Chicken Katsu Curry
Chicken Long Rice
Teri Pork
Tripe Stew
Portuguese Bean Soup
Clam Chowder
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Fast Food:

Open 24 Hours


Sun – Thurs: 5am – 12am
Fri & Sat: 5am – 12am

*Changes are temporary. We hope to resume regular business hours soon. For your convenience please visit the following 24 hour locations: Zippy’s Vineyard and Zippy’s Makiki

Zippy’s Nimitz

Located to and from the Honolulu International Airport, Zippy’s Nimitz is the first stop for those arriving, and the last stop for those leaving Hawaii for the taste of Hawaii’s local cuisine and Zippy’s favorites.  There’s also freshly baked goods from Napoleon’s Bakery®, perfect to take home!  Whether you’re coming or going, be sure to make your next stop at Zippy’s Nimitz!

If there is one thing you must try at any Zippy’s Restaurant, it’s our Original Recipe Chili. Served since 1966, it’s our signature product! Over 110 tons of our chili is sold every month through our locations, through fund-raising activities, and in retail markets in Hawaii and beyond.

Other favorites include our popular golden fried chicken, our famous Zip Pac®, oxtail soup, saimin, and many more. And since most of these items are available 24 hours at most of our locations, any time is a good time to enjoy Hawaii’s favorite foods!

  • Address: 666 N. Nimitz Hwy, Honolulu, HI 96813
  • Phone: (808) 532‑4205

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